Custom Software Development Services

MajiLabs' dedicated development teams build custom software applications with a focus on speed to market. We are able to deliver your digital product MVP in as little as 4-5 weeks employing the lean startup approach and agile software development.


I want to design and develop an innovative digital product and release it to market

Companies around the world struggle with a shortage of skilled software developers and designers, budget constraints and a lack of the know-how to develop human-centered applications that will fit the market and fulfill business needs.


MajiLabs offers a wide range of services to help you create digital products quickly & cost-effectively

Custom web app development

Off-the-shelf solutions cannot satisfy your business needs? Turn to our custom software development where each element of a web application is attuned to your requirements. We create user-driven UI/UX design for maximum usability, robust architecture for stable performance, and wrap it all into maintainable code for easy scalability.

Web redesign and modernization

Rebuild your web application to gain a competitive edge in the market. MajiLabs assists companies in harnessing the potential of the latest technologies, trendy designs, and innovative architectures to deliver unmatched user experience and future-proof your company.

Tech consulting

Make the right technology decisions, minimize operational risks, and respond to market dynamics with our professional tech advisory. Having delivered 30+ web applications, our developers guide companies in adopting new digital channels with the right tech stack, architecture, data security approaches, and other essentials.

API development and integration

Inject added value into your web app without hefty development costs. Our developers augment web solutions with geolocation, analytics, payment processing, and other business-critical integrations that accelerate your app performance and respond to evolving user demands.

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