Development Time:

3 months


Next.js / PostgreSQL / Node.js / Netlify / Figma / Stripe / Mailer / JWT

Extra Services:

Admin Panel / UX / Design / SEO


Amortentia, a beauty product manufacturer based in Albania, reached out to MajiLabs to help them build an online e-commerce store; giving them an identity on the Internet and opportunity to expand to other foregin markets.

Our Approach

Given the requirements, our team proposed to build a web app in Next.js for the frontend, and Nest.js for the backend. To process online purchases, we decided to use Stripe as our payment gateway. Internationalization was particularly important - by utilising i18n, the web app is able to support 2 languages; English and Albanian. At the end of the development, the software was deployed and tested in Netlify.


Increased store sales across all categories

Easily manage products, orders and customers

We shape the future through

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